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Big snake pellet is the most loving soul, the snake (the sacrifice wants 100 living persons).

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Ten thousand snakes are the favorite animals of the big snake pill in the animated movie Naruto, and the leader of the Ling snake clan. Its greatest characteristic is its fast moving speed and strong attack, but it is very proud and charming. The sacrifice requires 100 live people. However, the appearance was not much, and finally summoned by Sasuke, and was blown up by Didara when he explode.

Ten thousand snakes

Wan snake is the Tong Ling beast in the Japanese anime "Naruto". It is also the favorite soul of the snake snake, the leader of the snake clan. Large size, fast moving speed and strong attack power. Ten thousand snakes and their own toad Wen Tai, the slug of the program master, fought repeatedly in the war of tolerance.

It can be said that the name of "three forbearance" is inseparable from these three powerful animals. Finally, in Sasuke's battle against Didara, the snake was written by the control of round eyes and became the shield of Sasuke and died of the ultimate explosion of Didara.

Characteristics of snake

Million snake purple stripes, huge size, fast moving speed, strong attack. The ability is very strong, so far the snake has not shown special ninja. With its super large body and extremely fast speed, Wan snake was defeated by slugs (Master) and Toad Wen Tai in the battle of three forbearance, but the character was arrogant and difficult to tame. Every time after being channeled, he wanted to live with the big snake pellet as a sacrifice for the 100 living creatures.

1, the battle of three forbearance

The single snake snake itself is still very powerful. Its size is bigger than that of toad and Taihe slugs. However, the slug is only a part of the Summoner's summoning. The slug is more than 10 times the body. It has been burned by the toad oil bomb since it came from the toad too. (the skin was burnt, but the snake's skin). It was tied by the short knife of the editor's hand (not killed), but because it was two pairs of one, ten thousand snakes were faced with two powerful animals at the same time, so they were finally defeated.

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