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The beast Orochimaru favourite, the snake (100 living sacrifice)

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The snake is created in the cartoon "Naruto" Orochimaru love most, and is the head of the snake. It is the biggest characteristic of fast moving speed, strong attack, but very proud of her, offering 100 living. But the appearance is not too much, was finally summoned by Sasuke, Didara blew the bomb.

The snake

The snake is the beast Japanese cartoon "Naruto" the beast is through Orochimaru's favorite, the snake clan leader. Large size, fast moving speed, strong attack. The snake and Jiraiya toad Bunta, Tsunade slug during World War forbearance repeatedly exploits.

It can be said that the used name cannot do without this three super beast could. In the final battle against Didara Sasuke, 000 snake was sharingan control do after Sasuke shield, died of Didara's ultimate self.

The characteristics of the snake

The snake purple stripes, large size, fast moving speed, strong attack. Its capability is very strong, so far did not show special snake ninjutsuma. The snake with its large size and fast speed, is used in the slug war, Bunta toad (Tsunade) defeated, but each time it is difficult to tame character arrogant, psychic after going with Orochimaru to 100 when the living sacrifice is opposite can represent the beast.

1, used the battle

One said the snake itself is still very powerful, the volume ratio of the slug to Taihe toad, but the call is just a part of Tsunade slug, slug body is 10 times bigger than had been Jiraiya and toad with Huodun Bunta toad oil (Yan play burnt peeling, burning only snake skin) this paper, by Tsunade knife (not too tied too, but is killed) due to two to one million, the snake also face the two through the strength of his beast, so finally defeated.

The above is the most general kind of love Orochimaru created, the snake (100 living sacrifice) all. More Encyclopedia of information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Encyclopedia of information Channel!
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