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The most disguised bird in the world is far from a branch.

Many animals have a disguise ability to protect themselves, and birds are no exception. They are good at camouflage themselves with their own external conditions and their surroundings. Although they are only birds flying alive, they are very good at camouflage.

How big is a tadpole in the world and a small tadpole?

Speaking of tadpoles, I believe you are all familiar with it. Even if you have not seen it yourself, it should not be rare in books. Children in rural areas should be very familiar with tadpoles. Tadpoles will grow into frogs when they grow up slowly. The average tadpoles are only about a few centimeters, but today we want to introduce the largest tadpoles in the world.

How can the cutest squid in the world be cute?

Squid should be a kind of food that many people like to eat. Whether it's barbecue or cooking, squid is almost necessary. And like octopus and squid, there are many tentacles. It's hard to imagine that they can't even connect them with loveliness. But look at the most lovely squid in the world.

The fastest animals in the world are faster than men.

We all know that in ordinary life, some animals are quite vigorous, and the speed of running is very fast. On the one hand, they are for catching food. On the other hand, they are trying to avoid the enemy and have to use full strength to run.

White headed Viper like to live alone, demanding high living environment and scarce.

In our natural world, many of these species are strongly solitary, of which only the most poisonous branches are found in snakes. In China, there are many poisonous snakes. Among them, the white headed viper is one of the most poisonous snakes in our country. It is also known as the white headed snake, which is the life of.

Does the Starling dog feed well? Sex is clean, gentle and good.

The name of the Starling dog, also known as the doggo, is a nobleman's dog. You may ask, since it is a noble dog, so does the Starling dog raise well? This is not the case. The reason why the starlings are aristocratic dogs is that they are born with an aristocratic temperament, plus their own special love.

The swift swift swims more than 350 kilometers in an hour.

Have you ever heard of the sharp tailed Swift? It is said that it is a fast flying bird, and even a commonly recognized warship bird can not surpass it. Because the warship birds can only reach a very high speed at the shortest distance, but they are not suitable for long flight. Sharp tailed Swift can do it, and...

The flat headed honey badger is aggressive in nature and very small in character.

The flat headed honey badger looks like a harmless little animal, but has a competitive and aggressive character. Because the back is gray, very flat. It looks like a little brother's haircut, so it has the title. The length of the head of the flat headed badger is about 98 centimeters, both male and female.

The white headed snake of Himalayas is the most toxic, and it is found in many places.

Snake is the most feared animal in Xiaobian, and its patterns are creepy. Today we have to say that the Whitehead snake of Himalayas is one of the most poisonous species of snake. It also has another name, white headed viper, which is mainly found in Southeast Asia because its main feature is white head.

China's top ten dog rankings, Mongolia mastiff ranked first

There are countless dog breeds in China, some of them are gentle and lovely, some are fierce and not suitable for pets. But they should be very capable of watching sheep. So let's look at the latest ranking of the ten big dogs in China. The top ten dogs in China are the latest.

Pet dog ranking, 2019 what are people's favorite pet dogs?

In this society, everyone is afraid of loneliness. When parents and friends are not around, they will feel anxious. At this time, many people will choose to keep a pet to accompany themselves. In the selection of pets, more people prefer loyal dogs. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to pet.

The largest giant slug image in the world, the giant pink slug is 20 centimeters long.

Children who grew up in rural areas should have seen slugs when they were young. Just like a snail without a shell, the body length is just a few centimeters long. It is very sticky and looks vicious. But have you ever heard of a giant slug? This is the largest slug found in the world.

The world's most beautiful mantis, orchid Mantis most disguised fatal beauty!

The story of Mantis catching cicadas has been heard by everyone, and you may all overlook the beautiful Mantis. And I want to say that the protagonist is our natural mantis, maybe mantis is not the same, but now I want to say this mantis is beautiful mantis, now go to see the world's most beautiful mantis, orchid...

The world's largest animal list, a bird with 4 meters in the wing and a giant octopus catching sharks.

When it comes to the largest animals in the world, many people will think of extinct dinosaurs and the largest underwater mammal whale. But today we are not talking about these two kinds of animals, but the largest among all kinds of animals, for example, the largest bird in the world, the largest insect in the world, so you are ready to feel...

The smartest animals in the world have saved human beings through singing.

Animals as a major body of nature are very important. If humans and nature want to live in harmony, they must protect some animals and adjust their relationship well. There are also many intelligent animals in the world. Xiaobian introduces you to the cleverest animals in the world. Let's take a look.