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The world's largest crab weighs 30 kilograms, and it can't eat it for a day.

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The world is so great that there are 30 kilograms of the largest crab in the world. Have you ever seen such a big crab? Crabs are marine organisms. Their nutritional value is very high. Many people who depend on the sea grow up eating crabs, while those who do not rely on the sea seldom eat fresh crabs. The largest crab in the world weighs up to 30 kilograms. Can you eat it on your table one day?

1 the world's largest crab is just a pair of pliers that will make you satiate.

 The world

Crab, which is a favorite seafood, is loved by many friends. There are many kinds of crabs on the market, but most of them are smaller. Small crabs are also very troublesome to eat, and there is such a crab in the world. It comes from the imperial crab in Australia. We can see that its position in the crab is very high. The whole crab has much more meat than the ordinary crab. Many of the emperors in the market are only a few kilograms of weight, and the crab like 30 kilograms is very rare. 30 kilograms of crabs are the largest crabs in the world.

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When the emperor crab falls into the hands of fishermen, fishermen are reluctant to eat them. In general, fishermen choose to sell some high-grade hotels in order to earn more money. Restaurants will also auction these imperial crabs. Emperor crab is so precious that it can hardly be seen in our country. If the biggest crab in the world is on your table now, can you finish it?

2 killing crabs will cause harm only to rumors.

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Have you heard of the giant crab? It is also known as killer crab. Listening to this name is very arbitrary. Its size is not about how long they grow, but rather their legs. Their legs are very long and their bodies are bigger than ordinary football. You know what? When their bodies develop into the most straight line, the longest crab feet can reach 3~4 meters. Is that scary? Some people call it a killer crab. In fact, it's all a rumor. It can't kill people.

The above is the world's largest crab weighing 30 kilograms a day may not be able to eat it all. More Animal information Please pay attention to The world's most Animal information Channel!
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