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What's the fastest speed in the world? The fastest reached 11200 kilometers per hour.

Aircraft is a very fast means of transportation. Some people who often go out or travel far like to go out by air. Do you know what the fastest speed in the world is? X-43A is by far the fastest, and the speed of the aircraft using the external intake power reaches 11200 fastest.

What's the fastest subway speed in the world? The maximum speed of Shanghai maglev is 430km/h

I believe that many people have taken the subway, this is a very convenient means of transportation in the city, not only very fast, but also the general price is not very expensive. Do you know what the fastest subway speed is in the world? Many people think that it is the San Francisco subway of 128 kilometers per hour. In fact, the maglev train in Shanghai, China, is...

What kind of aircraft is a stealth plane, a plane that can't be reconnaissance by radar (visible to the naked eye)

When it comes to stealth aircraft, many people first think of aircraft that can be invisible and invisible to the naked eye. In fact, it is not so. What kind of aircraft is stealth aircraft? Stealth aircraft is an aircraft that cannot be detected by radar, which can minimize or eliminate useful signals received by radar. ...

The difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch is very different from their life, weight and price.

Although we all have mobile phones to see time now, watches are still adornments that many people like. There are many kinds of materials for watches, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch is you know? These two watches are very different from their life expectancy or weight.

1 billion 550 million Rolls-Royce silver charm, there are fewer than ten vehicles in the world.


The fastest speed of high-speed rail can reach 350 kilometers per hour, creating a number of world records.

There are many ways for modern people to travel. Compared with those backward travel modes, we can choose more ways now. Modern people prefer to use high speed rail as their own way of travel.

Hells cost performance is super high, lines beautiful, car paint will reflect light.

Hells, see this name people will think that it is an animal, actually not so, hells is a car's name, we all know that good cars, especially sports cars have their own name, hells are a very beautiful sports car, if I have money, I will buy a place.

The longest ship in the world is longer than Eiffel Tower.

In today's world, with the continuous development of industrial technology, various devices are constantly improving. All aspects of sea, land and air have their own perfect equipment. So who is the biggest ship in the world at present? Today we are going to learn about the largest ship in the world, NOx Weiss. 1, he...

The oasis of the sea is super luxurious, and the whole ship uses super high technology content.

With the rise of many transportation tools, our cruise is not the original work of sending mail. Now many cruise ships and cruise ships are almost no difference. We all know more or less about cruise ships.

Why does Airbus A380 stop production? For you to expose the past air overlord those things!

Airbus A380 is very familiar to many people. After all, the Airbus A380 is the largest airliner in the world. The Airbus A380, the first trial flight in 2005, has shocked many people, and has always monopolized the title of the air giant. But now the Airbus A380 has been shut down. Why did the former air tyrant?

Recommended mobile phone, this is the most worthy list of grass planting!

Now is the era of self - timer. Everyone's circle of friends does not shine on Po in their own two days. This is a surge of sense of accomplishment. But if you want to be the most beautiful child in a circle of friends, you need to have a good looking phone.

The black widow fighter has radar surveillance and exhibits at the Beijing Space Museum.

In a war, if we have advanced weapons, we can lay a solid foundation for the victory of the campaign. During World War II, because of the strength of capitalism, the economy developed rapidly and the strength of the country was fierce. At that time, the United States invested a lot in military power throughout the year.

The fastest speeding car in 100 kilometers, the German super speed wins the other cars by 0.9 seconds.

Luxury cars are the pursuit of many people. High-grade cars are not only a walking tool, but also bring a very good experience to people. Do you know the fastest car for 100 meters? Speed is a very important part of cars for those who love cars and require high demands on cars. Next, I would like to introduce some speeding up and speeding.

The world's fastest motorcycle Dodge Tomahawk, 100 km acceleration is only 2.5 seconds (676Km/h per hour).

What is the fastest car in the world? You must have thought of the F1 super train and train, but you must have never thought of a dodge axe, a motorcycle that can be called the fastest motorcycle in the world faster than the super fast runner, and it can reach 676 kilometers per hour. Even the speed of F1 racing is far from...

Porsche's most expensive vehicle ranked LM 917/10 Spyder with strong performance (value 38 million).

Mention the luxury car, the first impression in your mind is Ferrari, Lamborghini. Are they the only ones? Today, the article mentioned that these models in Porsche's most expensive cars are not cheaper at all. Porsche's classic brand, which we all know, won 917 times in the rally. Is there anything like him?