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What are the World War II aircraft ranking and the World War II surprise?

During the Second World War, the combat effectiveness of the aircraft should not be underestimated. At that time, it would be advantageous to have a fighter plane at that time. Although the war was brutal, we would not initiate the war on its own initiative, but we must have the courage to protect our own country. World War II aircraft...

The world's ten largest armored personnel carrier, AMV ranks first!

Speaking of armored personnel carriers, everyone is no stranger. This is a necessary weapon for military operations in many countries and a manifestation of national strength. To a certain extent, it helps the daily military operations of the country, and consolidates the national defense force. Next we will go to understand the world's ten largest armored troop.

A US F16 fighter crashed, carrying a large number of weapons and fuel tanks.

The crash occurred frequently in the world, and every time it represented a disaster. Recently, there were rumors that the US F16 fighter crashed. Is it true or false? As one of the most advanced fighter planes in the US, why did F16 suddenly crash? On the plane...

The least expensive countries in the world ranked the least in the federated island countries.

Because we all know that in recent years, China has gradually valued the strength of the army, because only the strong army can make the country strong, and we all know that every country has its own army. Many people want to know the situation of the world's military spending. Let me introduce the world army next.

The three battle sequences of the war of liberation, the battle of Ping Jin drew the end of the civil war.

Before I say the three battle sequences, I will first come to the science popularization. What do we mean by the three campaigns of the liberation war? After the end of the war, the army has been aiming at the Communists, and the Communists have also risen to counterattack. Among them, the most strategic ones are the last three battles. What are their first and second orders? Here comes...

Snipers are the most dangerous weapons in the world and face death threats for 24 hours.

Sniper, this is a crowd of countless young men and women who are heartstruck. They can cast their blood for the country. How can they not touch and respect them? They defend their country with their own body. They must have the ability to stand out. Then take a look at the sniper is the most in the world.

The world's ten best main battle tanks, these tanks are powerful.

The strength of the world is not only reflected in the culture of science and technology, but also largely depends on the military strength of the country. After all, military power is a powerful guarantee for maintaining peace and finding and reunification. So far, many countries have invested a lot of money in developing military weapons to develop high-tech weapons.

Is it a farce that the biggest hackers in the world are talking about provocations?

Hackers, this kind of occupation is definitely the top ten of romantic novels. Hackers generally need brains and brains, and their intelligence quotient is unusual. But their existence has brought great risks to international security. Next, let's take a look at the world's largest hacker anonymous. The world...

China's nuclear power is the ten most deadly nuclear missile in the world.

In the field of war, not only land warfare, air combat, and so on, the emergence of thermal weapons has made the war more intense, and the emergence of nuclear missiles has made every country nervous. After all, the strength of a missile is very huge. Can a country stand up and become rich and strong?

The three big battles of the Three Kingdoms, burning Chibi, let Cao Cao lose the general trend.

Britain is a very important period in the history of China. The war between separatist lords has led to many wars. Friends who know history must know what the three major battles of the three kingdoms are. Let's take a look at these three battles together with Xiaobian. Three battles of the Three Kingdoms: 1, battle of Guandu, 2, Chibi...

P-61 can be called the first night combat aircraft in the United States, and can take three people's heavy fighters.

P-61 was the first night fighter developed by ROP company during World War II. It used the most advanced radar navigation system at that time and could fight at night at any time. It was also the first fighter in the world to fight at night. Its production is not to highlight the mobility of the aircraft, but requires a high degree of activity.

World War II Sniper rankings, the first kill a total of about 542 people!

We all know that before the World War II, it can be said that it was a very tragic war, when there were many excellent snipers, and these snipers, their spirit is very valuable. Being a very good sniper is very difficult, and also requires very strict training. ...

The most distant missile intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully developed after World War.

At present, the world's most widely regarded missile is intercontinental ballistic missile. Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) play an irreplaceable role in the strategic development of our country and even the whole world. Its range can reach more than 10000 kilometers, and its main purpose is to attack enemy territory. If I want to invade me...

The world's ten best snipers, China's only one person on the list!

No shadow, no trace, always unwittingly killed the enemy's sniper is a very fear of existence, and want to train a sniper is very difficult, and very energy wasted, let alone an excellent sniper. Next, let's take a look at who are the ten best snipers in the world. World...

The ten most deadly weapons of mass destruction, the most horrible ones, are chemical weapons.

Weapons of mass destruction are generally used in wars, and wars are very cruel. But in order to balance some countries, many large scale weapons of mass destruction are also being studied in many countries around the world. How much do you know about the ten most deadly weapons of mass destruction? Let me introduce you to...