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World crack iPhone first person, geohot (let Jobs have a headache)

You must be familiar with apple phones. They sell well all over the world. Besides the unmatched operation performance, the other big selling point is safety. However, in 2007, a boy named geohot who was only 17 years old in the United States successfully cracked iPhone independently.

Banaba Jack, the world's most powerful hacker, cracked the banking system and made the ATM machine spit money.

In our impression, hackers are the kind of X, but they can't see the light. They can easily crack any computer system they want to crack through the excellent computer technology. When it comes to the world's most powerful hacker, it must be Bana's Jack, because he once made a ATM mad.

Boston power makes robot dogs without human operation.

Now that the economy is developing rapidly, it is said that robots will replace humans in the future. Before, on the Internet, we often saw the video of robot cooking and sweeping the floor. Let me sigh whether it will be very stressful for us to work in the future, and robots will also grab our jobs. And Boston power is a famous one.

The ten great future technologies that we can't imagine will completely subvert the world.

With the rapid development of the times, many black technologies have appeared in our daily life to facilitate people's lives, such as intelligent sweeper, robot attendants and so on. The development of technology is becoming more and more important. What will it be like? Let's look at the ten future technologies that we can not imagine. I can't imagine...

The 10 fastest growing countries / regions in the world are not as good as those in China.

Recently, we should all know that the 5G era is coming. Now many areas have begun to use 5G. 5G means that our internet speed is quickening up. The videos that download more than a dozen G videos may take only a few seconds. Then, which regions have the fastest network speed? Xiaobian has compiled the 10 fastest growing countries / regions in the world.

Atomium is so beautiful that visitors to see it are hardly a ticket.

As for atoms, we all know that they are small elements of constituent elements. But Atomium is actually a cosmopolitan landscape. It was designed by Brussels for the world exposition in 1950s. It attracted a lot of visits and admiration at that time. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to Brussels.

The fastest speed in the world is 1.4T per second, and thousands of movies can be downloaded in one second.

Now we are in the Internet age. No matter where we go, we need to use the Internet. Many people say that there is no net to go out. That is a nightmare. We can go out without anything, but we must not go out without mobile phones. So now we are concerned about the Internet speed. Let's talk about the world today.

Chillon Castle used to be a military stronghold. On one side, it was a clear lake on the side.

In a Swiss border city, Chillon Castle, with its long history and well preserved, stands still. On the one hand, it has natural beauty in harmony with nature. On the one hand, it has mysterious historical vicissitudes. Here, we can see the pure castle under the blue sky, and appreciate many hundred years and even...

Most pit dad's 12 technology products rankings, two-dimensional code can not escape.

With the rapid development of science and technology, many high-tech products have been invented, but not all high-tech products are useful. There are also some high-tech products that are very pits. Xiaobian has compiled the 12 technology products rankings for everyone. Let's take a look at the 12 technologies of the most pit father.

Who invented the hot-air balloon? After the first performance, the king was appreciated.

Speaking of a hot air balloon, there is a very beautiful and beautiful picture in mind. It is a very romantic tool. But when the hot air balloon came out, no one dared to sit up and thought it was a very dangerous thing. But do you know who invented the hot-air balloon? In fact, the hot air balloon is Mongo Phil brothers.

The ten most advanced nuclear submarines in the world, China's submarine is ranked first.

As we all know, nuclear submarine is an important military weapon. It represents not only the development level of the nuclear submarine in this country, but also the actual combat capability of the country. It operates under the water as a source of nuclear reactors. There are few countries that have nuclear submarines all over the world. Let's take a look at it all together.

Do you know the most amazing ten scientific discoveries?

Scientific research can support the development of the world. So far, there are numerous scientific researches, but there are many scientific discoveries that are astonishing and can not be trusted. But what are the scientific discoveries that are most crazy? Now let's start with the ten most fascinating scientific discoveries. The most important thing is...

The safest civilian car in the world can withstand RPG hard.

Now people's definition of cars is more important than vehicle performance and vehicle parameters. After all, now is the era of peace, but in some parts of the Middle East, terrorist incidents there are common. Some countries can't even walk out of doors. They can be said to be the most dangerous countries in the world, and a good civil...

The ten big changes in life science and technology, these ten technologies you can not do without.

The combination of science and technology is called science and technology. They complement each other. With theoretical science and ingenious technology, they can create convenient products for the development of human life. Science and technology have extremely important significance in economic development, military combat effectiveness, political influence and social progress.

What are the dangers of electronic cigarettes? Bring many diseases to the human body

Smoking is bad for your health. This is a truth we all know. But few smokers could quit, so there was an electronic cigarette. This thought that electronic cigarette can help smokers successfully quit smoking and less physical harm. Unexpectedly, the electronic cigarette also has some drawbacks. ...