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The Zhang Bichen family background: two rich generation? What are the parents of Zhang Bichen

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Zhang Bichen is the two rich generation? Zhang Bichen parents are doing the work of the Zhang Bichen family background exposure?

7 month 2014 years No. 25, a contestant No. three season The Voice of China article two of the fire, Tianjin girl Zhang Bichen is. The appearance of superior, Korean fan goddess, singing deep these are friends to give her label.

The so-called Tall trees catch much wind, some netizens Bachu Zhang Bichen before photos, which Zhang Bichen now looks was entering, some netizens said Zhang Bichen pointed chin, nose high, eyes also have the obvious change, compared with before there is a big difference.

Zhang Bichen's face is too delicate also feels too fake, she looks too Korean, pointed chin, tall prominent nose, completely cosmetic line out of the eye, though beautiful, but it is not true.

When the host asked Zhang Bichen's parents to support China, Zhang Bichen music go this way?

Zhang Bichen's father reluctantly said, is a passive support, she studied abroad is four and two, after it is graduate, but she did not finish, hesitate to go to Korea.

Zhang Bichen

Zhang Bichen, born in Tianjin in September 10, 1989, Chinese pop singer.

Special matters: 2013 sunny days introduced new members

In the third quarter of 2014 "The Voice of China" won the annual championship. In November of the same year, "the young doctor" vocals TV Original Soundtrack, singing "kiss", "between" the sound of love. April 2015, issued a new single "white peony flowers", and the interpretation of first love MV.

In 2014 fourteenth, Baidu point rookie of the tripod award the most popular new singer, twenty-second Oriental Billboard Music Festival best new singer and top ten hits and more than 10 awards.

It is reported that Zhang Bichen is co sponsored by the Academy of Korean culture in China and Korea Tourism Bureau, PPTV television network K-POP 2012 Chinese division champion world celebration. On behalf of China division to Korea to participate in the competition and won the highest award, is singing class strength singer.

In addition, she can also speak Chinese, Korean, French, English, language, attention.

Early experiences

In September 10, 1989, Zhang Bichen was born in Tianjin Chinese. By the influence of mother love to sing folk songs, she began to have a strong interest in music.

2009 to participate in college entrance examination with honors admitted to the Tianjin University of foreign language major in french.

In 2010, a Zhang Bichen in Tianjin foreign language university singer contest, get second of undergraduates. In the same year, the Ministry of health of singer contest, won the championship.

Performing experience

In August 18, 2012, KBS hosted the 2012 World Conference Chinese K-POP celebration singing contest, with the drama "embrace of the sun the moon" episode "back in time", won the championship. In October 28th, representatives of China went to Korea to participate in the 2012 K-POP World pageant finals, eventually won the best award.

In March 14, 2013, KBS was the head of the delegation of Korean promotion phase, invited to the famous Korean music program "music bank", and South Korean singer Ali chorus "scar".

In June of the same year, South Korea signed a brokerage firm Haeun Entertainment. In July 25th, as a member of the girl group Sunny Days, debuted in korea. In July 31st, Sunny Days launched a single integrated attitude "?? ???????? ("met a girl like you).

From February 2014 to April, the ROK brokerage company repeated breach of contract, was forced to surrender.

The third quarter of July 25, 2014, "The Voice of China" second broadcast from South Korea, the return of Zhang Bichen with the song "she said" Na Ying, Wang Feng, Chyi Chin, moved Yang Kun four mentors, becoming the only a four students, eventually joining the Na Ying team. In August 29th, Na Ying set 16 into 4 assessment broadcast. The first round, Zhang Bichen and Wei Xueman re interpretation of the Jacky Cheung's "you" along the way, the successful promotion. In the second round, by virtue of her "the man" to beat his opponent to win the Na Ying group four seats. In September 26th, Na Ying set the final assessment, Zhang Bichen in the Chinese and Korean languages formal deductive "love fate", successful promotion. The second round, she became the first among the "with" never ever meet again "The Voice of China" third season in the semi-finals of the players. The third quarter of October 7th, "The Voice of China" finals live synchronization. In the teacher Zhang Bichen and Na Ying chorus link, the common interpretation of "homesick". The first round of competition played with Teresa Teng's famous song "I only care about you" successful promotion. The second round, she brought Na Ying's song "dream" for the ultimate showdown. Finally, by virtue of "time to go", won the 2014 annual good voice title, became the first female champion The Voice of China.

The above is the Zhang Bichen family background: two rich generation? Zhang Bichen parents what is all. More See gossip information Please pay attention to. The most in the world See gossip information Channel!
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