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9 places frequented by UFO

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Everyone must have heard Area 51, but you know UFO love most infested in what place?

1. Saint Louis Valley - Colorado San Luis Valley Colorado

For many years, a large number of saw UFO report let Saint Louis get UFO hot spots in the name of the valley. And not just the UFO only, there are people who have seen the shadow at the farm, the animal also has dismembered the evidence. Conspiracy theorists say these strange events and many of the nearby secret base.

But with all the secret base, so it is difficult to sue can be proved.

 9 places frequented by UFO

The valley of Saint Louis - Colorado

2. - Wenceslas Mine Poland Poland Wenceslas coal mine

There are rumors of the 2 World War when the Nazi party gets to a UFO, and constantly in the study of the alien technology. But they can reverse the situation before the war ended. It is said that these studies in a secret facility in Wenceslas coal mine in Poland.

 9 places frequented by UFO

Wenceslas coal mine - Poland

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Die or Glocke (The Nazi Bell the Nazi flying clock) is built in the underground facilities.

3. Mexico Dulce Base Dulce - New Mexico

The west is a town of only 3000 people in New Mexico and Colorado border. It is also the most mysterious underground base hometown. Some people speculate that Archuleta in Pingdingshan (Archuleta Mesa) has possession of thousands of people a lizard facility under the ground (Reptilians) and many of the terrible experiments in humans. According to the testimony of others, the base is made of gray (gray aliens) led.

No matter how crazy these claims, some conspiracy theorists swear it's true.

 9 places frequented by UFO

Dulce - Mexico

All above is the 9 places frequented by UFO. More Strange information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Strange information Channel!
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