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The 7 spots the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

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As the world heritage Hodge Mirko famous for its long history, there is a liejizhe doll island to the most talked about scenic spots on the island of trees and grass dotted with hundreds of dolls and stump broken body.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

Although there seems a horror film set, can be a Tanghu Lee Santana Barre the deceased man had lived here. Barry had found a drowning girl corpse on the edge of the canal, in order to comfort the dead girl, he would hang the doll on the island. You can hire a boat bold visitors, and persuaded the driver wizard to visit safely on the island.

This antique hospital looks so hung up.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

During the period from 1898 to 1930, it is a sanatorium for pulmonary tuberculosis, and military hospital. During the first World War, the young soldier was wounded in the leg of Adolf? Hitler was hospitalized. During World War II, it evolved into the main Nazi military hospital. The 1945 became the Soviet military hospital, which continued until after the collapse of the Berlin wall. Now, in addition to several ward was used as a neurological rehabilitation center, most abandoned Ward had fallen into disrepair, dilapidated, like "American horror story" in the scene. Timid people should not stay.

Around the world, from Salzburg to Paris, no catacombs is more than it can with hair standing on end.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

The late 16 century, capuchin monastery cemetery has been overwhelmed, so people opened the tomb to bury the religious people.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

1599 years, friar Sylvester Da Grubby O was buried, people found the cave environment can be transformed into the remains of the mummy! The news came out, it immediately became the identity of the people after the death of the first into the burial place.

Results the grave for the clergy, full-time staff, children and even maiden opened up four exclusive burial area, a total of more than 8000 mummies were stored, just like a charnel museum. Mummies were dressed, awkwardly, but true to life. Open time: every morning at 3:005:30 9:0012:30.

In the middle of Turkmenistan Cara Qom desert, there is a 230 feet (about 70 meters) wide volcano has been burning, known locally as the gates of hell. Http://www.ixinwei.com1971, Soviet scientists in oil exploration by a methane storage equipment down, resulting in drilling platform collapse, forming the volcano and release a lot of harmful gases. So they decided to burn the volcano will burn methane, the burning is more than 40 years.

This forest is located in Mt Fuji, it seems quiet, but hidden endless pain.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

The forest of Aokigahara forest, commonly known as the Dutch act, has become the world's second largest destination (in the Dutch act after the Golden Gate Bridge), in 2010 there were only 247 people to this Dutch act, which killed 54 people. Some people say that this phenomenon may be related with Japanese mythology spirit. Other people think that the dense woods make sound difficult to spread, causing disorientation. The hikers even used the rope marking path, can smooth return.

Another arch-criminal, may be Matsumoto Kiyozhang's 1961 novel "bleak.". The heroine of the book here for a time Dutch act, has led to brilliant escape as the spirit of the times. The first is not the reason, just a maze of woods scattered rags, suicide note, will let you feel the thrill of well ingrained.

90 miles off the coast of St Paul (about 145 km) of the island is the world's most dangerous island.

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

The island per square metre four or five Viper snake is arch-criminal this poisonous snakes kill Brazil 90% case. However, in 11000 years, has been in the Sea separates islands, Viper evolve faster, more fierce. Due to the island without terrestrial prey, they gradually learn to lurk in the tree, and the birds in the air crash, which is five times more toxic to terrestrial viper, can instantly kill prey, even human flesh melts. Therefore, the Brazil government banned people into the island.

60 miles off the coast of Belize (about 96.5 km) of the Lighthouse Reef with a beautiful coral and green waters

 The seven scenic spots in the world's Scariest: timid do not enter (map)

There are magnificent blue hole, its width is 1000 feet (about 304 meters), the depth of 400 feet (about 122 meters). In 1971, the famous explorer ecologist Jacques? Cousteau listed it as one of the world's best diving. After study, he found 15000 years ago here formed a large limestone cave, cave stalactites and stalagmites verified his conjecture.

Today, divers are still keen to the great blue hole exploration. The cave below sea level below 40 feet (about 12 meters), dive deeper, cave stone shape is more bright and beautiful. However, we can only imagine in the great blue hole in the dark, eerie, experience in ice age feeling.

The above is the most horrible secret world's seven attractions: no timid (Figure) all. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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