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The global real aliens exposure: a map with the truth

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Since ancient times, there have been records and reports about aliens, there are a lot of people who claimed to have seen UFOs and aliens, even repeatedly heard too many aliens invade humans or take human experiment report

But most experts insisted that aliens and humans called different degrees of contact, all in your mind, aliens did not exist on this planet. You may also feel just boring people gossip that aliens, but when you see these real aliens on earth, you will not think so?

1, British tourists in Brazil rainforest photographed suspected alien video

In October 2011, two British tourists in the rainforests of Brazil play, shooting a group of children playing the picture, but later on, they found an alien figure in surprise in the video.

British tourists photographed suspected alien video in a rain forest in Brazil

In the video screen in the background, people can clearly see a strange biological profile. Its head and eyes are large, the long arm, it hunched behind a tree.

In the upper right corner of the picture there is a strange bright light, and this appears to be a biological contact. British tourists photographed alien image of the news, immediately sparked great interest.

2, woman gave birth to an alien shocked Europe

Recently, one on one for Gionanna women in Italy were snatched aliens and alien baby birth news shocked the whole of europe. The incident occurred when the woman was 4 years old, now 41 years old.

The woman gave birth to an alien shocked Europe

The alien baby Italian occur? According to her, when she saw a UFO with a metallic sheen, then went into his own unconscious UFO, followed by the 4 object, Gionanna said they can understand the words, tell her not to move, they will do something to her.

There is an obvious scar and phosphorescence in Gionanna's body, then when the ultrasonic found the baby's heart rate is very similar to the sound, then when Gionan found a mixture of embryo abortion, whether this is a real alien baby?

3, German media said Thailand villagers worship unknown biological suspected aliens

In June 2010, a shocking movie sparked controversy in the network video display, in a Thailand village, the villagers worship a mysterious creature in the remains of the temple before the altar of the suspected alien creatures.

German media said Thailand villagers worship unknown biological suspected aliens

Whether because of the unknown, and to allow the villagers to take it as a deity?

The above is the global real aliens exposure: all contents of the map with the truth of the. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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