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Mountain bike brand ranking: 10 Chinese mountain bike brand rankings

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Mountain bike brand ranking: Giant, Merida, Emmelle, permanent, Phoenix, Fushida bond, TREK TREK, Gamma, Decathlon, XDS. Now many people love fitness, some people go to the gym, but there are some people choose to ride a bike fitness, not only exercise the body, but also enjoy the scenery, embrace the nature, so many places a lot of bicycle club, the cold years of mountain bike and by everyone's love, today Xiaobian the share is about ten China mountain bike brand ranking of the article, let's take a look.

 Mountain bike brand ranking: ten China mountain bike brand rankings

Mountain bike brand ranked 1, Giant

Giant in 30 years of professional experience in producing all kinds of bicycles, the advanced production technology and management mode as well as global marketing success concept, carefully build each component. Mention Giant, many people are not unfamiliar. As a well-known bicycle manufacturer brand, Giant completed from the early birth were not seen by the world to perfect transformation known to every family.

Mountain bike brand ranked 2, Merida

Although the Merida brand is Giant store is small, but the car is very good, is also very cool. By comparison, Merida good. Merida bicycle (Chinese) Co. Ltd., the Taiwan bicycle industry in the first stock listed companies. Have a first-class production line of bicycle, take quality standards more stringent than the JIS, CPSC, BS production, the annual output of up to 1 million 800 thousand units, the production of high quality series of mountain bikes, mountain bikes, cars, like the princess sports marketing more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, and the major city, and has formed a marketing system with high efficiency the. And in 2001 of the Berlin Film Festival, a description for the two actor and the movie ", is very love story theme of Merida at the age of 17, regardless of personal danger bike bicycle" (Beijing Bicycle), won the Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Award for best film and best newcomer award two awards.

 Mountain bike brand ranking: ten China mountain bike brand rankings

Mountain bike brand ranked 3, Emmelle

Emmelle (EMMELLE) is a popular brand in Europe, especially in Britain in 1985, the group is known to every family, Emmelle will introduce China market, its unique style and excellent quality quickly popular. Now, Emmelle, this time-honored brand is the real strength, deeply attracted the pursuit of fashion and quality at home. Emmelle's new series Longmen New Dragon Gate 700 mountain bike, mountain bike frame EMMELLE Aluminum Alloy, SUNTOUR XCT-V3 Aluminum Alloy threadless mountain bike shock fork, mountain bike essence completely.

Mountain bike brand ranked 4, permanent

Road bike Limited by Share Ltd, permanent, ten brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Shanghai famous trademarks, brand-name products in Shanghai City, the classic national brand, one of the earliest Chinese bicycle vehicle manufacturer, has made important contributions to the development of China bicycle, Chinese national cycling team designated products.

 Mountain bike brand ranking: ten China mountain bike brand rankings

5, Phoenix mountain bike brand ranking

Phoenix Bicycle trademark is A Well-Known Trademark in China, has been in the world 94 countries registered trademark. Phoenix brand bicycles with an annual export of more than 50 countries, the main export countries or regions: the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, East and South America etc.. Phoenix Bicycle has passed ISO9001 international quality assurance system certification. Shanghai Phoenix Import & Export Co., Ltd is a foreign trade company exclusive proprietary industrial marketing brand series of bicycles and parts of the phoenix. The annual export of about 1500000 bicycles, the annual export volume of about 60000000 dollars.

The above is a mountain bike brand ranking: all Chinese ten mountain bike brand charts. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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