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[method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist death in space: with hair standing on end

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In order to explore the space of human beings and the lofty goal of truth and the pursuit of knowledge, risk of a variety of ordinary people to imagine, even sacrifice their own. Their foot into space at the same time, the other have one foot in the brink of death. The British space biologist Dr. Lewis Dutt Nair to real space science as the basis, an inventory of the 10 kinds of terrible death space.

1, zero gravity strange flame burned alive.

 [method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist death in space: with hair standing on end

There is no gravity in space environment, the combustion characteristics of the flame and the earth will be completely different. Because the hot air will not rise, because of the lack of convection, fresh oxygen will not immediately attracted over supplement. So you in space once suffered a fire, would never see Earth common flames like a burning flame, and only see the still smoldering flame, full of confusion, but they will also spread to many combustible equipment is burning.

The capsule quickly filled with toxic air, once the space of fire, no escape astronauts may be gassed, or will this strange flame is zero gravity burned alive.

2, always floating in space

 [method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist death in space: with hair standing on end

For any astronauts, space walk is a very dangerous task, if astronauts hands suddenly lost control of the ship hull, or magnetic boot failure, resulting in the human body can't help drifting into space, so the astronauts can only hope that his body was wearing a safety rope.

If you have no safety rope, because in the space there is no air resistance or gravity astronauts back on the spacecraft, the astronauts of the body will be at a constant rate continuously to the vast space drift, he cannot save himself, can only wait for the spacesuit carrying oxygen depleted and the arrival of death.

3, by cosmic ray slowly and painfully kill

 [method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist a terrible death in space: with hair standing on end

In outer space without the earth's atmosphere and magnetic field protection, cosmic ray is one of the most dangerous threat to human body. Cosmic rays are high-energy subatomic particles produced by the outbreak of the sun or the Milky Way Department of particle exploding stars, these cosmic rays has great damage to human cells, astronauts if exposed to cosmic rays, will lead to various diseases including cancer to acute radiation disease.

Apollo when astronauts landing on the moon, was wearing only a thin layer of metal spacesuits, they were very lucky, because at that time did not appear just solar particle events if cosmic ray moon they suffered a fatal attack, they will be unable to control the vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms in a few days, and in a small spaceship slowly die.

4, suddenly suffered loss of pressure in space

 [method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist death in space: with hair standing on end

For each space tourists, spacecraft or space suits suddenly rupture caused by the rapid loss of pressure, will be one of the greatest dangers they may face. Our bodies have adapted to the earth's atmosphere pressure, so suddenly exposed to the vacuum environment, will lead to the rapid evaporation of the liquid on the tongue and eyes. Hypoxia will make human unconscious in 10 seconds, and death in one to two minutes.

But if you can be saved in a pressurized cabin, you are still very high probability of survival. In fact, in space suddenly suffered the biggest enemy is the loss of pressure, gas in your lungs, they will explode to burst in your body, so suddenly facing a loss of pressure, the best protection is screaming in the pulmonary gas emptying.

Human skin is the best natural boosting service, while the human encounter in space after the pressure loss will be two times as big as usual to the swelling, but you don't explode, and your blood does not boil, because the elasticity of blood vessels will ensure the blood obtained sufficient pressure to prevent boiling in temperature condition, although some capillaries on the surface of the human body at the same time will also be broken, bloodshot eyes.

In fact, so far, a total of only 3 astronauts died in the space environment, and they are all in the former Soviet Union 11 spacecraft because of sudden depressurization accident victims. So whether it is because of equipment failure or suffered because of the mini meteoroid impact, space pressure loss will be the most serious danger facing one of the astronauts.

5, by the black hole pulled into Italy noodles

 [method] to explore the dead space 10 terrorist death in space: with hair standing on end

The probability of the astronauts in space, although encounter black hole is very small, but not impossible. If the astronauts accidentally encounter a black hole, the astronauts will encounter the most bizarre death of the body will be pulled into the black hole traction Italy noodles.

When the body falls into a black hole, the distance closer than the toe head hole, so the foot will bear more traction than the head, so that the body becomes longer and thinner.

The supermassive black holes, the object will pull into the critical point in the spaghetti boundary of the black hole, once the object into the hole boundary, any light or information to escape from there, so the astronauts killed by the black hole can not be the scene of any other person to see.

In addition, the astronauts will not feel piercing pain, because in the black hole pull into fine noodles before he was first by the powerful radiation circle around the black hole was burnt.

The above is [death] terrorist space exploration 10 death space: all content with hair standing on end. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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