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[aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

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Aliens really exist? Although no objective evidence, but from the existing data and information, in the face of the earth by found some does not belong to the Earth existing technology can achieve mechanical objects, which is what we call the aircraft flying saucer disc. Many scientists and politicians publicly declared that the aliens on earth, not only that, there are many bizarre events on earth is also suspected by the aliens.

Alien Autopsy film

 [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

1995 has been a fuzzy picture black and white film, show the whole process of the anatomy of an alien body. It is said that the alien is death 1947 Roswell when the UFO crash, this secret film is shot by the military.

This movie about Alien Autopsy on Fox television shortly after it caused to the authenticity of the film strongly suspect many people. Sceptics (including many UFO researchers) to the film as a hoax, and points out the logic and paradox does not conform to the film. But because of the lack of sufficient evidence to overthrow the Roswell event, so some people still insist on autopsy is true. Not long ago, the alien processing in this movie stunt master admitted that it was actually a hoax.

Crop circles

 [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

The mysterious circle sometimes appear in the fields of farmers and other patterns, is often said to be alien to. However, there is no evidence that the crop circle is made of extraterrestrial intelligence. So far, the best interpretation of it is a practical joke.


 [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

Science can not explain how to build the great Pyramid of Egypt, to their arrangement and design perfectly reasonable explanation. Many people think that living in the early (such as ancient Egypt) were not so clever, create those works wonders to help the situation in the absence of aliens is impossible.

In fact, this view is wrong. Many data records construction method in Pyramid, for example, "National Geographic" magazine and Mark Lech Na's book "the perfect Pyramid" etc.. Now it can be said: in Pyramid the only puzzle is why until today there are still people who think it of the alien.

The Roswell UFO crash

 [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

The most famous UFO crash occurred in 1947, the place is a big farm Roswell outside the city of New Mexico state in the United states. Someone found a mysterious alien wreckage and body. Under the government intervention, they are secretly removed and hidden.

The government did in Roswell City crash objects to hide, but is not a UFO, but a weather balloon, it is used for a Mughal secret spy program plan. The witnesses said the wreckage and the Mughal plan is very similar to the balloon. About the aliens body argument is groundless statement.

The mysterious death of animals

 [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: a sensation in the world

For many years, the mysterious death of a livestock has been plagued by farmers and peasants. Since 1970s, with hundreds of animal bodies were found, and the death of the animal has the characteristics of these events, such as unexplained, body without blood, organs are accurate surgery etc.. Is this event attributed to aliens.

Research has shown that this so-called mysterious death in fact is very common, by the natural decay process caused by animal and carrion.

The above is [aliens] difficile true 10 Alien legend: all the contents of a sensation in the world. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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