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A second ten human dying wonderful feelings before death 1 feel the secret

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Just 1 seconds before the 14 kinds of feelings: secret before the death of 1 seconds of the 14 kinds of feelings

The famous American psychologist Dr. Raymond Moody in the study who had 150 NDEs (who experienced a rebirth after clinical death) case, tries to uncover the truth of death.

Although NDEs situation occurred, and witnessed the kind of experience have a huge personality difference, but need to be sure that these people in the near death experience statement, there are similarities I can not be ignored them roughly grouped into 14, they are in accordance with the order of appearance the.

 A second ten human dying wonderful feelings before death 1 feel the secret

1, to hear their own death

They heard a doctor or other people present a clear declaration of his own death. He will feel that the failure to reach the physiological limit.

2, have never experienced.

Feel a calm and serene and pleasant early experiences. The first will feel pain, but the pain flash, then found himself suspended in a dark dimension. Never experienced a most uncomfortable feeling surrounded him.

3, heard the strange sound

When death or death, a strange sound piaoranerzhi. A young woman said she heard a similar tone music, it is a beautiful melody.

 Human before dying a second 10 wonderful feeling: before the death of a second secret feelings

4, pulled into the dark space

They reflect the feeling of being someone suddenly into a dark space. You will begin to be perceived, that there is no air like a cylinder, I feel it is a transitional zone, one side of this life, he is a foreign land.

5, look at their own body

Find yourself standing on the in vitro observation of a department's own body. A drowning man said, out of his own body, in a space alone, as if he is a feather.

6, you can not hear the words of others

They tried to tell others about the plight of their own, but no one heard them. A woman said, I try to talk to them, but no one can hear.

7, kept out of their flesh

Physical state, feelings of time gone. It was recalled that during that time, he was kept out of their flesh.

 A second ten human dying wonderful feelings before death 1 feel the secret

The 8 senses, has never been so sensitive

Visual and auditory more sensitive than before. A man said that he had never seen so clearly, the vision level has been unbelievable enhancement.

9, lonely and helpless unable to communicate

After this, there will be a strong sense of isolation and loneliness. A man said, no matter how hard he can communicate with others, so I feel very lonely.

 A second ten human dying wonderful feelings before death 1 feel the secret

10, around the company of others

At this time, there was someone else. This person, either to help them take the transition to the country of the deceased, or to tell them that have not yet sounded the death knell, then you have to go back for a long time, then you really come back.

Man is a spirit quite dependent on creatures, when the man died, a faint white light on the death can become less fearful. When a person dies, the whole life will be re evaluated, this evaluation does not depend on whether you wealthy, is a prominent status, but only depends on where your life to share with others how much love and warmth.

The above is a kind of human dying within ten seconds before the death of 1 feel wonderful feelings: all the secret. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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