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The Millennium dream snake guarding the tomb frequently reincarnated (Figure)

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The Millennium ancient tomb has been chasing thieves treasure, they know there will have many treasures. Upload a message stream in graverobbers recently, Egypt has a millennium ancient tomb was found, but the tomb is very strange, who entered the tomb raider, out of 51 foolish madness, mouth could not read the two words and the serpent undead. Even if it can not dispel the thieves curiosity, they are eager to go, even if not to steal what treasure, also want to find out, this ancient tomb in the end what is the secret?

 The Millennium dream snake guarding the tomb frequently reincarnated (Figure)

It is reported that in the tomb there is a white man is very capable, various techniques are very proficient, has been praised colleagues. This time he also came to the tomb, to dig the treasure. When he entered the tomb, they feel strange, is different from the past he entered the tomb, there is a particularly terrifying feeling. But in the end is a white, ventured into still inside.

This tomb is very large, there is almost a hundred coffin, the coffin lid is opened and some have absolutely empty. Iniesta carefully opened a coffin, found lying inside a woman, and the woman beside a lot of jade jewelry. Xiaobai put these things in the bag. A dozen open coffin corpse all put jewelry, white bags packed, and found no abnormalities in what.

 The Millennium dream snake guarding the tomb frequently reincarnated (Figure)

White to go inside, found the best there is a huge coffin, he guessed that there must have more jewelry, so he pushed away the coffin lid, did not think the surprising thing happened.

A stench with open the casket and send out, originally lying inside the body Teng sat up, with a withered arm on white neck, seemed to break. Iniesta quickly pulled out a knife cut off the woman's hand, the woman seemed to shut down his power. White ground to run still suffering from the shock, but he went to the coffin cover just fly, ladies to the white white hit, hurriedly take a knife slashing.

 The Millennium dream snake guarding the tomb frequently reincarnated (Figure)

But the female number is too much, not white blaze a gap, blindly rush out. Coming around a woman almost surrounded by white, white suddenly found a cave nearby, he didn't want to drill into the woman, because the body is rigid, unable to come in, that white temporary safety. He looked around and found that around that disc a giant snake. Jump up white scare, accidentally stepped on its tail, but the snake did not move, only to find the original white, this snake is dead for a long time.

Because the White Snake stepped on his tail, the woman was lying on the ground outside a few white, wondering if this snake is at work? He picked up the knife to cut off the giant snake, and there are also a number of woman lying on the ground. See the white knife smite the giant snake, cut him to pieces. The outside of the body and all fell to the ground.

This is the original Snake guarding the tomb, but because the tomb ladies are dead, resentment is too heavy, even gradually took control of the giant snake, they put the Wraith are concentrated in the giant snake, relying on absorbing the Tomb Raider soul to mana. But white inadvertently put a giant snake body chop, the Wraith will ashes to ashes.

The above is the Millennium ancient tomb snake guarding him frequently today (Figure) all. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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