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The world's oldest twins (photo)

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The world's oldest twins, July 27th, India local time in Mumbai, a pair of conjoined twins born, the rare case of conjoined twins, two babies share the same heart, kidney and liver, from the chest up all together.

 The world's oldest twins (photo)

Statistics show that about 200 thousand newborn babies appear in a pair of conjoined twins, conjoined twins survival rate in 5% to 25% between. Who is the world's oldest conjoined twins? They lived for many years?

The brothers Donny and John Garr. The Dragon nigal party to celebrate his life more than 4 days, Thailand idol bunker Siamese brothers. If the brothers can safely spend in October of this year's 63 birthday, it will create a new world record, becoming the world's oldest conjoined twins.

 The world's oldest twins (photo)

The school was discouraging to the circus star.

Gal Jon was born on October 1951. Two people face to face. And each of the limbs, heart and stomach. They are in the middle of the body is a common digestive tract, rectum and genitalia. But these sites are controlled by Donny.

 The world's oldest twins (photo)

The Gal Jon brothers, Donny left right Ronnie

Two years ago, after birth, the brothers have been living in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come up with the best solution to separate the two of them. But then the doctor said, if you do not guarantee the separation operation, two people can survive, so the parents decided to let them stay the same.

Today, the brothers feel that this is the most correct choice. From the age of four, the brothers began with a circus in central and South America. They also tried to go to school, but before long it was discouraging teachers, the reason is: the influence of other students attention. In desperation, the brothers continued to return to the circus magic. Brother Jim said, then, no matter where the two brothers are to enjoy star treatment.

 The world's oldest twins (photo)

The two brothers three years old birthday photos

Two people by his brother to take care of

In 1991 the brothers retired at the age of 39, moved to live near his brother Jim, easy to take care of him.

In 2010, Ronnie pulmonary embolism caused by bacterial infections, the body is extremely weak, Jim suggested that the two brothers moved to their own lives Home Furnishing. In public organizations help, Jim home was transformed to his brother with a spacious hallway, oversized toilet and shower.

The brothers even more fun, a hospital also sent tailored for their beds. Previously, only an ordinary two beds, each time a person will sleep in a person. This special bed has two face to face back, let the brothers can be more comfortable lying, even a person to sleep.

In the past four years, their health greatly improved, up and are no longer needed help, every day in the room on more than 10 laps to exercise.

 The world's oldest twins (photo)

Many people

Face to face life 60 years, Garr Jon brothers occasionally quarrel, but they will sit a special wheelchair to go fishing, watching baseball games, shopping and restaurants. When you go out, two people will always attract people curious eyes, and even laughed at them. However, some people will take the initiative to pay them, chat with them.

We have seen the most warm heart, have seen the most indifferent heart. Jim said.

Statistics show that about 20 million newborn babies to appear in a pair of conjoined twins, conjoined twins survival rate in 5% to 25%. Gal Jon idol Thailand bunker Siamese brothers brothers live 62 years 8 months 6 days, and the longest life Siamese twins Italy Torquay brothers, who was born in 1877, in full 63 years. According to Xinhua News Agency (source: great river)

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