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The old man was strange dream becomes a zombie blood villagers in Gelsenkirchen

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At the beginning of 80s, there was an honest Mason in Jiangsu Province, Wuxian, to help people to do. Work during the day. In the evening, go home after ten in the night. Because live very much, so many days do mason. On the way home through a village, although only a few households, still divided into Zhuang and zhuang.

In fact, only a family Xiaozhuang, live far from other tenants, stood alone in there, there lived an old man and an old woman. Because often passing each other slowly familiar with the masons every time go home, and on foot here, smoking a cigarette, or drink a bowl of old brew of tea, and then hit the road.

 The old man was strange dream becomes a zombie blood villagers in Gelsenkirchen

One day off, suddenly began to heave rain Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.. A better day this to walk, but look at the sky, the rain did not stop, afraid to miss home, had to bite the bullet on the road.

A more walk more rain, around the dark, dark, and rugged trail, Mason left very difficult. Finally came to the small village. Look at the window, a light rain is too indistinct, want to go into the house, Mason hide the rain again.

The door ajar, knock on the door, no one should, then push door into mason. Head saw the old woman sitting in the side of the stove, see also silent in mason. The old man rushed out of the foot lying on the bed, his face covered with a white paper.

Mason wondered, because according to the local customs, people will only die in the face of a white paper, but the old woman did not speak, he did not ask, then ordered a pipe in the middle of the room, sitting on the bench, just keep pumping up.

Thunder outside, the rain into a ring, but the house was strangely quiet, a yellow lamp dark light, the old man on the face of the white paper with the outside of the thunder in the move, the whole room gloomy.

Suddenly, I heard a clap of thunder, the flash of lightning illuminate the white house. At this time, lying on the Kang man suddenly sat up, face to face with Mason, sallow, expressionless, gazing straight at him.

Is the first Mason feeling bad, the old man is dead, although the old woman did not tell him, but the weather led lighting accompanied by peals of thunder old man's corpse was Yin, old man.

 The old man was strange dream becomes a zombie blood villagers in Gelsenkirchen

It is said that people just die soon, if you encounter bad weather, especially the weather is very easy lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, dead, dead, dead time between people and activities, but not flexible, feel to have no feeling, and scratch and bite, especially scary.

Mason turned around to see the old woman, the old woman did not know when have already disappeared, Mason only feel cold in the back, a root hairs all stood up, the first idea is to run. No steering Mason house door, the old man had a jump, jump to the door in front of the front has no Mason, seeing the road, a mason turned around and ran to the back room.

The masons have never come to the old man's room, not familiar with the inside of the house, not what things, only a plate of rice mill, occupying most of the space of the room. Mason and the old man couldn't have to round the stone circles around, saw wood Mason window stickers, seems to be getting out of here.

So, whenever I go here, Mason in the window knock, go for a while, just knock on the window, knocked a big hole, until enough to drill out, Mason in spite of the rain outside, a jump jump out from the house. Strange to say, the old man from the hole and jumped out of the window, hit a smash, still a leap to run on mason.

A foot deep shallow kick towards the village, shouting for help, can be an early night lighting accompanied by peals of thunder crops which have responded. The old man behind jumping quickly, outstretched hands a few times a stonemason caught a white gown. Mason had a limp run, because the dead corner are less flexible and not easy to run to the edge of zhuang. But the dead dog blood can only use the uniform, but in the rush to find what ah?

When Mason saw a large poplar tree in front of the village, there is one foot thick, Mason who ran a few steps close, hid behind the tree. The old man also regardless of the consequence, down to the poplar trees on the bite, Mason took the opportunity to run to the village. Open a few doors, explained the whole story, everyone together with a hoe and stick with the black dog, rushed outside the village ran.

See the old man still gnawing on the poplar tree far, has eaten the big piece. A murmur, if the old man bit his own, I am afraid that he would be dead. They took a close look, the old man saw the lips had no ground, showing two rows of dense white teeth!

Perhaps felt all the old man coming down poplar, people to rush over. All people more power, while using a hoe and stick with the old man with his black blood poured into the old man.

The black dog blood is really effective, the old man fell back onto the ground. The people do not trust, always on the side watching, until the chicken is three times, only the old man to lift all flurry and confusion, Xiaozhuang sent.

When Xiaozhuang look, they do not know when the old woman be startled at, are already dead, dress neatly lying on the bed, they can't bear to see this tragedy, then put the hands together two dead and buried.

Mason did not go to work, she went home.

The old man is above all strange dream become zombies actually suck blood of the villagers in gelsenkirchen. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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