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People around the world be struck dumb customs (map)

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People around the world be struck dumb customs, there are a variety of Customs in the world, you can be heard, to the scene to guide the beheading of masturbation mother-in-law daughter-in-law of the bridal chamber so strange and eccentric customs? Can't imagine it, the following is a local customs let us see be struck dumb, how wonderful.

1, Guam: Virgin not allowed to get married

 People around the world be struck dumb customs

The modern society will see the virgin is bigger than that of the day, many men are eager to own a woman is a pure virgin, not defiled by other men, they can share the first time her precious.

But in Guam, the indigenous communities circulating this ancient tradition, the virgin shall not marry. Some men go to the countryside looking for a young virgin and give their customers, can therefore get paid, this is their occupation. Are there a lot of men are ready to embark on this road, going to the new road to build up the family fortunes.

2, India: Ancient corpse.

 People around the world be struck dumb customs

In ancient times, India has a popular strange custom: if his fiancee died before the wedding, so her bridegroom to complete their ironclad responsibilities with dead fiancee.

More sensational story is yet to come: what every chance that the village people will not occur even in a hundred years, gathered together, held a grand ceremony.

When the gongs and drums Qiming, ceremony presided over by the village priest in the village of noble character and high prestige, friends and next door neighbours under the watchful eyes of the people under the corpse. The sacrament of stage!

3, French Guiana into male family: everyone can engage the bride

 People around the world be struck dumb customs

French Guiana, do the bride is not easy, because the family has a male rights with the bride again, until the bride do when the mother so far.

As a result, very difficult to find his son own father, do not have to check the DNA? In ancient times, I am afraid chenqie do!

4, haidate Sala: sister sister service

Look at this man is what kind of treatment: when Sala haidate arrived in the last period of pregnant women and their husbands and not normal sexual intercourse, she did not want her husband dry fire burning, simply invited his sister or sister temporarily to deal with for a while.

Samuel haidate family sisters to the point where a man would be happy.

The above is a worldwide be struck dumb customs (map) all. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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