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The woman's corpse tomb was resurrected night her husband alive (Figure)

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The ancient concubine who is very poor, even if they married wife died, they can not enter the graves, if this concubine also does not favor, so her final outcome is likely to mass graves in a corner, even the tombstone will not have, the ancient burial ground, in addition to those poor people homeless, she was fond of the deserted.

 The woman's corpse tomb was resurrected night her husband alive (Figure)

The Qing Dynasty, Suzhou has a large family of Lee, Lee era business, save a lot of money. The Lee has a son, age 20, not only a coward, but also lust, when he did not officially married, you have several concubines, one of them was full of silver. The origin of these bad concubines most, full of silver is bought by this home because of poverty.

Because his son reputation, not Mendanghudui people dare to marry in the girl, full of silver cleverness look beautiful, the old lady wants the girl when they are days selected, suddenly the door shuiqin matchmaker.

To marry a girl of East head, home business, mendanghudui. This young girl is 20, looks beautiful, is willing to marry me. The old lady listens, naturally happy, agreed to the marriage. Who knows this girl is jealous temper, has been two people anymore. Lee did not know, the girl will marry.

After the wife door, the concubines were all bad seedlings, changing the pattern of wife every day to toss them, eventually a monk, one died, two escaped. Only full of silver homeless. The old lady love full of silver, always let her stay in the side, from falling.

Unfortunately, full of silver than earlier pregnant wife lady, the mistress of her husband to marry her before I heard the concubine is almost right, very angry, but also worried that this girl under his own position. Browbeat her husband killed her husband with silver, afraid to speak, she took advantage of the old lady fell asleep at night, will be full of silver to bring out the kidnapping.

This is to kill them, but that they move Wainian, was looking for a wild slope with no human habitation, regardless of silver cry, give her alive. The very next day, the old lady could not get full of silver, think of their unborn children, a sudden illness fell and died shortly.

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