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Know how to Thanksgiving, know how to share out of print: print of Ershisixiao map, Ershisixiao map and text. Ershisixiao map is a Book telling Chinese twenty-four Xiaozai ancient book, the main purpose is to promote feudal filial piety. Filial piety, filial piety is the Chinese, the most ancient Chinese virtues, we should understand the elder heart, grateful, know how to honor their elders. Only parents who is a responsible, noble man.

Coming together to enjoy the out of print Ershisixiao map and text:

Out of print Ershisixiao Map 1: Xiaogan day

 Out of print: print

Shun, the legendary ancient emperors, one of the five emperors, surnamed Yao, a heavy, Hua, Yu clan, known asyu shun. According to legend, his father and stepmother Fang, half brother, many times to kill him: let Shun repair the roof of granary, fire from the barn, Shun holding two hats jumped to escape; let Shun dug wells, but gusou and Xiang fill wells, Shun dig tunnels to escape. After Shun no grudges, still humble to his father, brother of love. His filial piety touched the emperor. Shun Li Shan in the cultivation of the elephant for his land, birds weeded for him. The Emperor Yao Shun heard a very filial piety, dealing with affairs of the talent, his two daughters to marry him Ehuang and nvying; after years of observation and tests, selected Shun as his successor. Shun ascended the emperor, to see his father, still respectfully, and seal like princes.

Figure 2: print "taste Decoction

 Out of print: print

The Han Emperor Liu Heng, Han Emperor 3, born of Empress Dowager thin. After eight years (before 180) is the throne. He rensiao name, smell in the world, serve the mother never slack. His mother three years, he often have not slept all night, not to undress; mother Decoction suit, his mouth tasted just rest assured that mothers take. He reigned for 24 years, heavy Xing morality, etiquette, pay attention to the development of agriculture, the Western Han Dynasty members, social stability, economic recovery and development, he and the reign of the Han Emperor known as wenjingzhizhi.

Figure 3: print "gnawing means sad

 Out of print: print

Zeng Shen, Zi Yu, the spring and Autumn period luguoren, disciples of Confucius, who said Zeng Zi, famous for filial piety. Youth poverty, often suddenly felt a pain. One day, the guest came in the home, the mother will be at a loss what to do with his teeth, his fingers. Zeng Shen suddenly feel distressed, know the mother calling himself, so he quickly returned home with firewood back, kneeling asked why. Mother said: I have guests coming, I hope you will come back to bite the fingers. Who then met with the guests, with due respect. Zeng Shen knowledgeable, has proposed the culture method I three times daily, according to legend he writing a "University", "filial piety" and other Confucian classics, Confucian respect him as Zong Sheng

Out of print Ershisixiao map 4: 100 meters negative

 Out of print: print

You, the word road, season, spring and Autumn period luguoren, disciples of Confucius, the outgoing brave, very filial piety. His family was poor, they often do pick wild herbs meals, but from the outside in negative meters serve parents home. After the death of his parents, he became a high-ranking official, was ordered to go to the state of Chu, followed by a hundred chariots and all the food product, Wan Zhongzhi. Sitting in the layers of brocade mattress, eat a good meal, he often missed his parents, said: even if I want to eat with wild herbs, close to negative meters for parents, where can get? Confucius praised said: your parents serve, can be said to be born to death, which miss!

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