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Exposing the amazing secret behind the 86 edition of the journey to the West (Quan Wen)

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A photographer, a video camera, has been filming for 6 years and has been broadcasting for 6 years. So far, it has been broadcast over two thousand times enough to apply for the Guinness world record. It is the most popular TV drama with the most stunt. The 86 edition of the journey to the west can be called divine drama. The old and the young are salty and durable. For the various versions of the journey to the west, LZ just wants to say that classics are classics.

Many people should have heard of the 86 edition of the journey to the West because of limited conditions. It is a very sad story behind the hard work. Let LZ give you 818 things that many people don't know. Let's recollect the story behind the 86 edition of the journey to the west, which is permanently included in the history of China's TV dramas.

In 1982-1988 or 1998-1999 years, two sets were issued: 25 episodes and 16 episodes. Directed by Yang Jie, Liuxiaolingtong, Chi Zhongrui, Xu Shaohua, Wang Yue, Ma Dehua and Yan Hui Li are starring. The journey to the west is no less difficult than the Tang Monk scriptures.

This picture shows the group's 3 photo taken in CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 82 years' journey to the West. So some people accused the director of making a TV show and traveling abroad. In fact, the conditions of the group are very arduous, and the quota is only 5 cents for each meal. To Guangzhou, these are expensive places. A bowl of dumplings is 2 yuan 5, only 6. Boys are not enough to eat, and the director pays the staff to eat.

In order to find the scene that accords with the requirements of the drama group, director Yang Jie led the team to the 26 provinces except Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Hubei and Taiwan. During the shooting, the main creators were in distress many times. Yang Jie almost fell from the mountain to the cliff. The apprentice four people almost slipped their feet when filming through the waterfall scene. Even white dragon horse has encountered many dangers like falling ditches.

The director and camera of the journey to the West are actually husband and wife. Two people have been filming the play for 6 years from outside the country, and have no time to take care of their 12 year old girl. Because of the lack of funds, safety measures have to be saved. When hanging Wei Ya, the actor often breaks down, once Yan Wan Li (Sha Seng) weighs more than 170 Jin, and falls on the head of the photographer Wang Chung - Yu. The cameraman passed out on the spot.

This is the 98 new journey to the West. It's not the 83 edition. This version of pig eight quit and sand monk replaced.

Director Yang Jie and Wang Chongqiu went to Hongkong to learn to hang Wei Ya. In the 82 year, when he was making a trip to the west, he didn't know how to do it. Wang Chongqiu, who tried to do everything he could do, had no sense of reality. He happened to meet a Hongkong man who said he should hang people up. But he was also an outsider who didn't understand the inside story, so the group went to Hongkong to learn to hang Wei and finally succeeded.

In those days, hanging Wei Ya was very dangerous. Often, the rope of Wei Ya was very thin and was still in danger. Every time the apprentice Quartet hangs away every time, he will be glad that he is alive again, especially Sun Wukong and Zhu Ba Jie. Four of them fell and hurt themselves.

The above is to reveal the whole story of the amazing secret behind the 86 edition of the journey to the West (Quan Wen). More Hot social news Please pay attention to The world's most Hot social news Channel!
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