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Shenlongjia savage? 40 years of silence secret public (Quan Wen)

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Shennongjia savage, is said to be living in the vicinity of Shennongjia savage, savage ancient Qu poem from the liberation to keep a persistent explorer in the investigation has been found, that is the so-called traces of footprints. But today is not enough convincing evidence that the presence of wild Shennongjia.

Scholars believe that, from a biological point of view, there is almost no possibility of savage. Many people think that as long as there is one male and one female can guarantee the procreation, and in fact a higher animal species is not possible only by a pair of male and female, or even a few tens of head head and flourish. Another small group is difficult to avoid the risk of inbreeding coefficient.

 Shenlongjia savage 40 years of silence secret public?

Inbreeding coefficient the offspring, body condition and survival ability is relatively poor, so long will inevitably lead to a decline in genetic quality, genetic diversity disappeared, thus to the extinction of the entire group. A group to avoid inbreeding coefficient, the long-term health of life, at least hundreds of individuals.

But if there is a place of hundreds of savages, would not be so hard to find. Whether it is social or solitary, apes are large range of activities, more easy to spot.

The famous anthropologist, China academician Wu Xinzhi believes that savage is archaic Homo sapiens evolved to a missing link between modern people of this argument is no scientific basis, there is no evidence to support the existence of savages.

 Shenlongjia savage 40 years of silence secret public?

The geographical position of Shennongjia

Shennongjia, Hubei province is located in the western border, bordering the East and Hubei province Baokang County, Chongqing City, adjacent to the West and Wushan County, South Xingshan, Badong and the Three Gorges, north of Fangxian, and nearly Zhushan Wudang, cross 10956--11058 east longitude and latitude 3115--3175, a total area of 3253 square kilometers, 5 under the jurisdiction of 3 towns and 1 countries forest and wild animal nature reserve, 1 state-owned forestry enterprises forestry administration, 1 National Wetland Park (Protected Area Management Bureau, forestry bureau and wetland park are positive level units), woodland accounted for more than 85% of the total population of 80 thousand people.

The mystery

For many years, a mysterious shadow has been shrouded in Shennongjia local people's mind, lingering. Who can tell what it is, people have in the word of mouth a name. What is what the so-called savage animal? Is it and what humans have the origin? Walk upright but full of hair, perhaps what relationship between the mysterious savage and primitive ancestors of humans? Or, the so-called savage is just a false legend?

 Shenlongjia savage 40 years of silence secret public?

In October 23, 1980, Yang Feng, director of the Zhejiang area of Lishui province science and technology office, storage room in a high school had a liquid immersion foot specimens. It is said that the hands feet from a savage local people have been killed and eaten. Zhou Guoxing is in Beijing, after hearing the news, rushed to Jiulong Mountain investigation, learned from a story of 24 years ago.

On the afternoon of 1956 the 24th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, rain, 12 year old girl Wang Congmei cattle on the way home suddenly hit a humanoid animal head lunged, scared scream. His mother Xu Fudi rushed through the hook dung rod will monster down, people will cut down and killed the monster, and sent to the government report. Songyang middle school biology teacher Zhou Shousong the hands and feet made of soaked specimen collection. Then, Xu Fudi killed the monster is whether we're looking for a savage?

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