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Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

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Is there really a dragon world has no dragon dragon specimen exposure

There are dragons in the world, the world in the end there is no dragon, is a timeless topic, many people claimed to have witnessed the dragon, and described but not true to life, to find conclusive evidence, then, is there a dragon? The dragon in Chinese has been one of the most mysterious and most unknown creature sacred, the current science level is still unable to answer the world really have the dragon, the dragon is a symbol of auspicious and Chinese have been distinguished, most people think that the dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation, and not really exist, but happened. Many world events in the real record, there are dragons in the world? Look at the following events You'll see..

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

The sacred in ancient Chinese legend, the dragon is the king of all animals, is the totem of the Chinese nation, but the Dragon beast exist? The secret bar is sure there is no direct evidence to find the exact existence of dragon.

Chinese dragon is not often said that the dinosaur, China began from the Western Zhou Dynasty dragon has began to appear, to the Han Dynasty and is a step by step deified, after the Yuan Dynasty there is a standard image more determined, become the symbol of Chinese nation. About its origin, different scholars have different views. The famous scholar Wen Yiduo in the late 40s to the dragon.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

China Zhenlong samples (first stored in the Japanese Osaka Dragon Temple)

Is there really a dragon with pictures

He believes that the main part and the basic form of the dragon is a snake, then a snake totem in this group, the annexation and absorbed many other totems of every hue group, so the serpent accepted in the foot, horse head, mane tail, deer, dog claws, fish the scales and shall then become what we know of the dragon. Vivi network

Some people think that the dragon shaped initially but is moire rolls of abstract spin. And then gradually tends to be specific, biological, and rather close to the reality of the biology of amphibian and reptile animal image, that dragon originated from the primitive society, one of the original source image and song about when the Dragon *, and that the origin and the birth of the dragon, when closely related to primitive agriculture

Yingkou dragon legend, June 16, 2004, 81 year old Sun Zhengren came to the Yingkou city history office. The old man opened the box, there are 5 pieces of small bones. According to the old man said this is her keel, a few decades, the heaven dragon mystery also buried in a heart for many years.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

Guizhou Longhua China horned stone like a fairytale

The summer of 1934 in Yingkou for more than 40 days of heavy rain, after the rain in the air around the north shore in a world of waters drift with the smell. Until one day a Weitang people found the length of about ten meters monster in the reed. When people think this is heaven dragon, is auspicious, for the Dragon arbor erected many newspapers, the famous local newspaper "Shengjing Times" were reported and also allotted a photo.

The keel in the West customs near the exhibition, northeast people to watch, causing a train ticket to Yingkou was soaring. According to the number of monsters seen the old man recalled that monster ten meters long, one meter long head angle.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

The Dragon specimen appeared in Europe

The government also invited a number of veteran fishermen recognize, but no one can understand, it is widely believed that the dragon. Everyone guessing dragon was a scourge, after being struck by lightning fall into the reeds. Shi office staff also found a newspaper in 1934, although there are still many people have seen pictures of monsters, but only a few bones on hand, and some old photos to judge is not long

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

Ningde friends to take the Dragon: Typhoon Haitang shoot

Dragon Temple of China dragon, Toyama Prefecture in Japan, a collection of a Chinese Dragon Temple dragon specimen. According to legend, in the Meiji four years when a China farmer in the river when he saw the dying dragon, immediately stick it out, installed in the bag. He was crazy to sell Japanese businessmen, later Japanese businessmen sold to collectors Daiteng million heiei, Daiteng million soldiers who look after love, for the day and two years ago after September will be donated to the Japanese city of Osaka dragon Naniwa dragon temple.

The above is the world really have dragon world not all dragon dragon specimen exposure. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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