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Chinese ten supernatural events (with Chinese: nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan)

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Chinese ten supernatural events: 1992 Beijing the Imperial Palace supernatural event, 1995 Shanghai dragon event, 1995 Chengdu zombie event, 2009 Chongqing red boy, Pisces jade, Beijing bus 330 mysterious disappearances, 1993 Hongkong Guangzhou Kowloon Railway advertising events etc..

About ghosts and supernatural events said, some people always believe that some people do not believe that some wavering, ghost and physical relationship as electromagnetic waves and radio. The ghost is a magnetic field, a magnetic memory. The ghost and the flesh is such a relationship: people are divided into two parts of the body and body services for the ghost, ghosts, ghosts are also dependent on the body organs, is to keep the body healthy, so as to make the ghost does not disappear. These are the ghosts of people should be specific, you have the letter, no letter, no, not too seriously.

   Chinese ten supernatural events ( Appendix: China nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan [the last page].

The above is the Chinese ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events all of the contents of the Encyclopedia). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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