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Little is known of the 6 great unsolved mystery, many of the world we do not know the secret!

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Rome is built in a day, archaeologists discovered the terrible mystery of the latest evidence proved the Empire of Rome before the July 8 625 BC 13, the construction and completion of the sunset. Archaeologists presented a scroll, is a document signed by Kaiser himself. This contract is part of the Latin translation is said: our Babylon AlJeida construction company agreed in July 8 625 BC 13 on this day to start and complete the construction of the Empire of Rome, if we can't finish in the Empire the specified time, the Kaiser emperor can our heads cut off to the lions.

Chongqing Qianjiang discovered a mysterious spring three times a day -- "three spring tide high tide" is located in a mountain Xilu, this spring day three fluctuation, fluctuation time varies from season to season and rain, but on the whole is every six hours fluctuation once, specific to every morning 6 points, at 12 points and about 6 in the afternoon, the spring will fluctuation. Experts said, "the three tide" belongs to the geysers, the world rarely distribution. Because it is not possible to use blasting methods to uncover the real causes of geological structure, so far failed to find out the gap of the spring.

White or white - ": God of war, also known as the sun, his life for 37 years, has not lost. But because of the pit kill Zhao 400 thousand died in the battle of Changping, and by orthodox historians always into limbo, not in the name list. In our eyes, white is more in "Qi" image. However, in the same year, he was the real "God of war", his military talent invincible. Qin will eventually dominate the world, and his war decades made illustrious military exploits close relationship. This is the ancient historians will not deny the fact.

Russia appeared mysterious snow circle --- Life witnessed a very strange phenomenon in Russia Yekaterinburg residents. They found a large circular pattern in a local kindergarten Playground: the center is a diameter of about 50 cm ring pattern, while the surrounding is very regular circle. The interval between each circle about 10-15 cm in diameter, while the entire pattern is about 30 meters. All of the concentric circles are composed of bright white stripes and a black soil, and the structure is very similar.

Born without fingerprints of such a person --- mystery world, although the number is few, but let these scientists be not a little bewildered born without fingerprints. This is a kind of disease, but the cause in where? The report pointed out that the defect of keratin 14 may be the following two kinds of disease causing culprit, known as the Naegeli S syndrome and reticulate pigmented dermatosis. These two kinds of diseases can lead to patients with no fingerprints.

The above is the lesser known 6 unsolved mysteries of the world, there are many we do not know the secret! All of the contents of the. More The exploration of the universe of information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The exploration of the universe of information Channel!
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