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The world's largest local lightning (lightning, Lake Maracaibo 297 days 1 years)

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In summer and autumn increased rain, lightning may also frequent, the timid people will scare the nightmares, don't come to see the world of lightning in most places, Lake Maracaibo, 365 days a year in the 297 day is the lightning, successfully defeated the African Congo basin, become the world's largest local lightning really, don't know where the residents can bear so frequent lightning.

The world's largest local lightning, Lake Maracaibo

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Recently, scientists in the United States by analyzing the NASA data, found in a year, the world largest local lightning South America Venezuela Lake Maracaibo. Lake Maracaibo 365 days a year has 297 days by lightning attacks, Lake Maracaibo per square kilometers of the lake, the annual monitoring of the approximately 233 times the number of lightning, lightning has more than one million times together. The Lake Maracaibo has always been an active lightning activity is famous in the world, and earlier this year to focus on the earth lightning identity is included in the Guinness book of world records.

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Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in South America, an area of about 14 thousand and 300 square kilometers. The Andes lake landscape, forming a unique topography and climate, also let there be frequent lightning: daytime cool mountain breeze convergence in the humid lake, night temperature decreased, prone to lightning.

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The latest data collected by Albrecht of the University of Sao Paulo, identify the lake received on the most accurate point of lightning strikes. With the help of NASA's TRMM, Albrecht and her team analyzed the data from 1998 to 2013, and the Lake Maracaibo and the catatumbo river at the junction of a point is the most vulnerable to lightning attack places on earth.

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The reason of this strange storm climate mainly from the surrounding topography. This lake is located in the Andes and close to the Caribbean, it is also affected by the warm ocean breeze and the cold mountain air, the two air collision will produce storm. Therefore, this lake tends to suffer amazing lightning attacks, the storm peak, here water per minute up to 28 times the number of lightning strikes.

Geography has been that similar hot spots will produce many lightning hotspots in other parts of the world. For example, in the Republic of Congo Kifuka village, which came in Lake Maracaibo, is considered the world's second lightning dense point.

The above is the world's largest local lightning, Lake Maracaibo (297 days lightning 1) all. More Most of the astronomical information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Most of the astronomical information Channel!
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