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Military enthusiasts -- "war epic giant military demarcation line"

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Some people think that the "38 line" is a very good play, won the history and military enthusiasts praise. After listening to the "38 line" the memory of the martyrs after the drama, then I started to watch, that is at the beginning of a very tragic, filming this drama is good. But some people think that the story is nonsense, as a drama, mixed, let us look at yourself!

The 1. war epic drama "38 line"

 Military enthusiasts -- giant war epic "38 line"

The "38 line" is Mengji's war epic drama, by Cheung Kwok Keung, Wang Ting, Cao Xiwen starring. The play is about 1950 on the Yalu River fishermen warplanes after the bombing, the village of two boys in the volunteers went to North Korea, protect our homes and defend our country's story [2]. The play premiered on April 23, 2016 in Yunnan city channel. The story of 1950 on the Yalu River fishermen warplanes after the bombing, the young people in the village to participate in the volunteer army went to North Korea, in battle to protect our homes and defend our country. In the Korean War, the volunteer army and the enemy launched a desperate battle, after several bloody battles, the village youth completed the transition from the impulse of the young people to the wisdom of bold patriotic warriors; at the same time, after several rounds of strategic and tactical adjustments, China volunteers on the battlefield gradually grasp the initiative, support and attention of the international public opinion; at the end of the battle of Triangle Hill, Chinese people's volunteer soldiers to the price of life to win the final victory and peace after the armistice agreement.

2. "38 line" characters

 Military enthusiasts -- giant war epic "38 line"

"38 lines" of this drama for emotional storyline more, less some battle scenes. This may be the lack of budget, in fact is also a feature of Chinese drama, is emotional drama. In fact, foreign war drama, not every episode of war, he will also get emotional drama, about the war in people and things. We look at the "brothers", "Pacific" such good TV drama is like this, even people inside the bed exercise program, of course, the thing we are still a bit reserved.

38 line 3. of the "emotional drama"

 Military enthusiasts -- giant war epic "38 line"

If the "38 line" emotional drama too much, this is not wrong. Some comrades still think actress actress scenes too much, this is not what is wrong. However, as a heavy emotional drama, something more about the story behind, may balance the battle scenes by less slack. The battle scene, the truth does have a prominent point. See the earlier general counsel is Liu Qin source admiral, Admiral served as chief planner, I think this drama will have a breakthrough. If the two generals are unfamiliar with the comrades, let their data access. First of all I see is the beginning of the company into North Korea in the field of march. It is worth noting that our domestic TV drama shooting this March process, did not notice that the military is common sense when the troops marched, in front of the class need to send the avant-garde search company. The "38 line" to do this, the one on the monitor under the leadership of the company at a distance in front of the distance to search.

The above is to obtain military enthusiasts war epic - "38 line" all. More The art of the information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The art of the information Channel!
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