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The slow growth of trees

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Russia's Erweizi Calary plus tree, and Arctic forest chytka spruce, every hundred years the height of only 28 cm, 2.5 cm in diameter.

In Russia the Kalahari desert, there is a tree called Erweizi plus tree is short, the crown is round, if you look from the front, like a small round table on the sand. The growth rate is extremely slow, 100 years to 30 cm tall, is the world the slow growth of trees. If the growth rate of bamboo and compared, like old car chase. Erweizi tree to as long as 333 years, in order to achieve the bamboo growth height of a day.

The Erweizi plus branches grow so slowly, in addition to its nature, the desert drought, water environment, strong winds are the important reasons hinder growth.

All the above is the slow growth of the content of the tree. More The plant information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The plant information Channel!
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